Teamwork eases stress of life on the road

Teamwork helps drivers complete deliveries faster.Teamwork helps drivers complete deliveries faster.

Working in the trucking industry is a difficult challenge for most people. Long hours on the road, high stress and irregular sleep patterns contribute to a high turnover rate within the sector. It is often said that it requires a specific personality to become a trucker.

However, a recent article in Overdrive Magazine noted that the difficulties of truck driver employment do not always have to be faced alone. The source stated that partnerships along long-distance trips are common within the industry and create flexibility for drivers and companies. Two drivers can trade off shifts to complete deliveries faster. Industry regulations requires regular breaks for truckers who spend more than eight hours on the road. With two CDL drivers in the cab, one can rest while the other continues with the delivery.

"A lot of these companies are trying to get the freight moved so quickly, team freight has increased for all of us," former team driver Rick Duke told the source.

Businesses benefit from a more effective supply chain. The faster deliveries allow companies to adjust to changing conditions quickly. In addition, teams allow younger drivers to get experience and guidance from veteran employees. This creates a pipeline of talent for fleets that can minimize turnover. However, there are unique challenges associated with team driving, as being in close quarters with someone can be difficult. The source noted that most teams are family members, which can help with arrangement.

Cabs becoming a home on wheels
Larger or more effective use of cab space could also help teams handle their schedules more effectively. Modern trucks have a lot of conveniences to offer, including larger sleeping quarters. Mobile technology lets drivers remain in contact with their families back home, which eases many stresses associated with trucking jobs. Companies are using the features on state-of-the-art trailers as a recruiting tool, according to Fleet Owner.

"The truck is, in essence, the driver's home and he (or she) is happier in better equipment," Tyler LaBarge, managing partner for CDL Career Now, told the source. "To take it one step further, perhaps fleet owners should ask the drivers for input on their truck order's component specifications. Because these trucks are in essence their home on the road and so the better accommodations they have, the better they will feel."

These factors contribute to lower levels of turnover for companies and can improve the performance of fleets. With a shortage of qualified drivers facing the industry, trucking firms may show greater flexibility in their recruiting strategies, helping drivers find partnerships that are profitable for all parties.

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